I just saw that my creative writing teacher commented this on my portfolio

Madison, listen, first, you are an amazing writer, and a REAL writer, not just here to explore being creative (which is fine for a lot of students, but you have the real thing); second, you said it all in your self-assessment. And I’d like to see you not in online classes but in person, which is a whole other dynamic, either at BCC or other colleges, or in local groups, like Project Write Now, and so on. There are MFAs that are Low-residency, and they will give you so much more than a no residency online program. And I wanted to do this because I LOVE BEING WITH WRITERS!!! I always wanted to be in this work with people exploring their imaginations, but also with people who want to learn craft–you are one of those. And I don’t think you should be thinking about self-publishing though it’s a choice. There’s no reason you can’t start sending work out when you are in the master’s program or after. Check out newpages.com. You begin by sending pieces to magazines and journals. You begin by learning the market–and seeing what’s being published. You have a bright future!!!!

Side note: I got an A

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