Poetic Scavenger Hunt

I rediscovered this from a poetry class I had in college. Remember, these are only possible poetry prompts, so if you partake, stay safe, and pay attention to your surroundings. I tried to format the prompts as closely as I can to how I received them on the paper. Happy writing!

  • Find a leaf on which you can write a three lines poem. Answer this question, “Why have I fallen?”
  • Ask a random person their favorite line to a song, poem, or anything.
  • Using chalk, write three lines about what it means to have a solid foundation (take a photo).
  • Go to the library, go to the poetry section, pick three separate lines from three separate books of poetry (please cite what you are using).
  • Turn your phone off. Sit under a tree and free write stream of consciousness for a total of 5-10 minutes.
  • Look at some official forms, flyers, etc., and create an erasure poem from your find.
  • Use historical plaques to look up or use something that creates a line or 2 of poetry.
  • Use language from a street sign.
  • Use three lines from three separate pieces of writing you have on you. The writing doesn’t have to be poetry, only on your person.

After having finished these, answer this: Who are you, how did you get here, and where are you going?

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