The Big Bad Wolf / October 23, 2018

You, a dog,
under the prestigious guise of wolfskin,
tremble in cowardice,
afraid of your potential.
They say all dogs go to heaven,
but that same kindness cannot be offered to all in the Canis genus,
for there are some battles a wolf must face
from which they cannot come back unscathed.
We, wolves, are born from howls and bared teeth,
but we must learn to fight for respect,
to stand up for what we believe in and those we dedicate ourselves to.

I am all of my sins,
and I wear them lovingly with pride.
So watch out of you haven’t learned that tame wolves
are the most dangerous of all.
And beware of the paths you cross in these woods.
Others may grant you leniency,
but who said I would ever be so kind?

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