The burden of immortality / Oct. 19, 2018

Have you heard of the nymph biding her time
at the bottom of the watery abyss?
It is said that she has seen monarchs and wars pass
like the leaves in autumn.
Travelers hunt her, though many do not survive the journey back.
Pilgrims and scholars alike seek wisdom
and new paths off the unexplored frontier of humanity.
What makes those foolishly daring enough to think that,
despite her isolation and desolate, watery prison,
she has the patience or ability to save them from themselves?
So be warned, brave adventurers,
for the sea is deep and dark and convoluted,
where emotions–and your understanding of them–
become unintelligible 
and where doing the right thing
isn’t always the right thing to do.
Trapped in the solitude of her void dwells the lonely soul,
with legends of her immense, but chaotic, spirit.
Though she is fierce and intractable in judgment,
her strengths are her sins;
her weakness, her mind.
The water’s pressure at the ocean floor is nothing
compared to the burden of her consciousness.
It is said if you find her,
she will present to you the wonders of time and secrets of history,
more for her own sake,
for she admits that they are heavy,
and she cannot hold them alone.

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